Ted Robinson has professionally aligned himself with the following businesses. They each provide necessary products for daily life with performance horses.

"I use all of these goods, they work well for me, and I would like to introduce them to you." --Ted Robinson

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Eagle Valley ABM - This bedding is a replacement for straw and shavings. The pellets absorb stall moisture so well the bedding will last longer, smell fresher, and clean faster. A win-win for your time and your pocketbook.

Golden Hills Auto Center - I depend on Golden Hills Auto Center to provide me with a dependable truck to get me where I need to go. A good "go to town" truck as well as a real work horse on the highway. With Laredo's custom outfitting, I get the comfort I need on the road.

Bob's Custom Saddles - I've ridden in Bob's for years. My horses and I work comfortably in them all day long. These saddles will meet your daily riding needs and take you to the show pen too.

Cinch, Inc. - Cinch clothing is comfortable to ride in everyday. It's styled for everything from board meetings, to dining rooms, to the arenas of ESPN2. It's what the winners are wearing.

Rios of Mercedes Boots - These boots are handmade. They fit so comfortably you can wear them from sun up to sun down. The variety of leather, skins, and styles ensure a match for your personal taste. Check out my wing tips!

Serratelli Hats - Cowboy hats are as American as baseball and apple pie. Bailey's produces a fine line, everything from workday summer straws, to 100x beaver for special occasions.

Tom Balding Bits and Spurs - These bits and spurs are first-rate. Quality tests time, and offers better communication with our horses. My favorite is the "Ted Robinson West Coast Snaffle," it's part of my everyday riding.

Professional's Choice - The air-ride saddle pads and protective boots are necessary equipment for my workday. They help my horses hold up, and I won't train without them.

Total Equine - We feed Total Equine as an intregal part of our every-day program. It puts bloom on our yearlings and keeps weight on hard-working futurity horses -- all without making them hot. It's such a balanced feed, we feel it helps keep our horses strong and sound.

Fort Dodge Animal Health - Fort Dodge is the supplier for my preventative health care program. From annual vaccinations, to boosters, to deworming, I trust these products. They're my "apple a day" plan.

Lubrisyn - We use it every day to keep our horses sound and healthy. Lubrisyn helps our horses feel their best, so they can perform their best.. Lubrisyn, The daily dose for healthy joints.

SUCCEED - SUCCEED helps our horses reach their maximum nutritional health. Their bodies are able to utilize the feed and actually hold OR gain weight during a time when the energy demand is highest. Our horses look healthy and their coats shine! We believe they need to feel good to SUCCEED, and this product helps them do so.


National Stock Horse Association - I am one of the founders and the current president of the National Stock Horse Association. We hold the World's Richest Stockhorse Competition which is the highest-paying bridle horse spectacular in reined cow horse history. It runs concurrent with the NSHA Snaffle Bit Futurity at the Paso Robles Fairgrounds in August 2007.

National Reined Cow Horse Association - I've been on the board of directors since 1986, and I'm the past president of the association. You can read about our association, see our calendar of events, and hopefully "catch the fever."

Sharon P. Fibelkorn - Sharon took many of the most dynamic photos you see on this web site. We thank her for her talent, her help and her generosity.

Kimerlee Curyl- A gifted equine photographer, Kimerlee lives in Santa Ynez, California. Her photos can be seen throughout our website .