Nu Cash Dynasty

Nu Cash and Ted Robinson
The following excerpt is from Red Hot Robinson by Ronda Quaid, published in Western Horseman magazine, August 2002

Nu Cash Dyasty
A fateful meeting at the 1983 Snaffle Bit Futurity began a relationship that proved pivotal to Robinson's career.

"I was riding a horse for Arlie Harvey who I had ridden for since I was 16. He introduced me to Mickey Gragg who was fascinated with the sport. Her husband, Ralph, had retired, and she was looking for ways to occupy him. Being the horse trader that he was, Arlie sold them some horses recommending that I train them."

When Ted made the SBF finals in 1984 with two Gragg horses they were hooked, and asked Ted to look for a stallion.

Acting on a tip, Ted headed to northern California to look at a Colonel Freckles yearling colt. After Nu Cash and Ted Robinsonwatching the blaze-faced sorrel move in pasture, he wrote a check for $12,000 and started working with the horse that would change his life.

When the 1987 Snaffle Bit Futurity was over, Nu Cash was a champion by a six-point margin. Robinson's road to the most SBF titles ever won continued with Nu Cash get; Nu Colonel in 1995, Shes A Lot of Cash in 1996, in 1997 with Smart Little Cash.

Despite his winning ways, he is quick to acknowledge the talent of his horses.

"It took me a long time to appreciate what horses had to teach me. I always say you have to be over 40 to train a horse because you lose your ability to fight. You have to start thinking and not let your ego get in the way. Learning how to get around a horse's quirks is what it means to be a trainer. I'll always wonder what Nu Cash could have done if I knew then what I know now."

Super Star Status

His streak continued when he triumphed at the first World's Greatest Horseman contest in 1999. He then captured his sixth SBF championship as a catch rider for an injured non-pro rider in 2000, and reclaimed the WGH title in 2001.

His newsworthy wins at the SBF and the World's Greatest Horseman add not only to his notoriety, but also shine a spotlight on the sport.A Happy and Retired Nu Cash

To promote the sport he loves, Ted's involvement goes beyond the arena. He has been on the NRCHA board of directors since 1986 helping to develop the sport's national recognition.

As mentor, industry leader, and "the man to beat" in the NRCHA, this charismatic showman's future looks as exciting as the sport he loves.